Joint Media Release

Nationals Senators are calling on the big banks to stop putting their politically charged climate policies ahead of the jobs of hardworking Australians.

Parliamentary Friends of Landcare launch

Nationals Senator for New South Wales Perin Davey and Victorian Labor Senator Raff Ciccone have launched the Parliamentary Friends of Landcare, which aims to champion the work of Landcare groups and the beneficial impact it has on the environment.

Media Statement

The Women of the National Party stand with the many Australians who have raised concerns regarding violence against women.

Up and Atom

The Nationals Senate Team has decided to move amendments to the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) so that it can invest in all technologies that can reduce emissions.

It’s time to manufacture jobs

The National Party’s Backbench Policy Committee have released its Manufacturing 2035 plan. The plan outlines the National Party’s vision for the manufacturing industry and a broad policy platform to help encourage industry growth.