Media Statement

Mar 15, 2021 | Media Releases 2021

The Women of the National Party stand with the many Australians who have raised concerns regarding violence against women, unsafe workplaces, and the perceived lack of justice for those who have endured sexual assault.

We are proud to strongly represent the women of regional Australia, and by already being in Parliament and in the room, we can ensure their concerns are raised within this place.

All Australians should feel safe when attending their place of work, and this building is no different, indeed this building should lead by example.

We will always stand up for women, particularly for those from regional Australia, who raise concerns regarding unsafe workplaces, or poor workplace culture.

We have seen a significant cultural shift in attitudes towards women over many years thanks to strong women standing up to have their say.

But we must not be complacent. We can always do better, and we must do better.

As Senators and Members of Parliament, we will continue to work within this building to bring forward their concerns and drive change.