Perin Davey

Senator for New South Wales

Giving Nationals policy a regional perspective

Perin grew up in Canberra, but chose to move to the regions where she feels more at home. She currently lives on the Billabong Creek near Deniliquin — between the Murray and Murrumbidgee Rivers in the key irrigation areas of the Murray-Darling Basin — raising her two daughters with husband John.

Senator Perin Davey with Scott Barret from the charity GiveIt in Moloney NSW

Perin’s priorities

1. Make sure our landowners have the right to farm and that their families and employees
can feel safe on their property;
2. Regional development and encouraging industry out of the cities;
3. Reducing unemployment and creating good local job opportunities for our kids so they can stay and be employed in the regions;

4. Continue to build mobile phone towers in an effort to be mobile blackspot free;
5. Improved mental health support for all regional Australians, with a strong focus on
our youth; and
6. A fair go for all Australians.

How I can help

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