Heywire winners recognised in Senate

Feb 17, 2021 | Media Releases 2021

The Senate has recognised the 2021 ABC Heywire winners, following a motion by NSW Senator Perin Davey.

Senator Davey said ABC Heywire is a fantastic initiative that celebrates young regional Australians in its storytelling competition.

“Heywire allows rural and regional students and young people to share their stories and make a difference in their communities,” Senator Davey said.

“By sharing their stories about life outside major cities they are helping to bridge the urbancountry divide while celebrating the diversity of our regions.

“Over the past 17 years more than 9,000 young Australians have taken part submitting in text, photo, video or audio something about their lives.”

“Hundreds of people from across Australia entered the competition this year; young farmers, female cricketers, and disability advocates were just some of the people who shared what life is
like for them in regional Australia.

“The competition ensures regional and rural voices are heard and as a NSW Senator I am extremely proud of all winners in my home state.

“I was particularly impressed with the story by a young woman in Nowra who didn’t let a wheelchair define her life but instead shaped who she became.

“I encourage everyone to check out the Heywire website and listen to the stories from these inspirational Australians.”

The website and winners can be found at Heywire

The motion read:
a. Commends the annual Australian Broadcasting Corporation Heywire storytelling
competition for empowering young regional, rural and remote Australians to share their
b. Notes;

i. that young Australians in our regions play a vital role for their communities both now and into the future, and
ii. the diversity in our regions reflected in these powerful stories, covering issues and themes such as overcoming adversity, aspiration, disability, mental health, drought, identity, community, courage and distance;
iii. congratulates the 35 winners of the 2021 competition for their unique and
engaging storytelling ability; and
iv. encourages all to read these stories which provide an insight into the life into the life of young regional Australians.