Parliamentary Friends of Landcare launch

Mar 17, 2021 | Media Releases 2021

Nationals Senator for New South Wales Perin Davey and Victorian Labor Senator Raff Ciccone have launched the Parliamentary Friends of Landcare, which aims to champion the work of Landcare groups and the beneficial impact it has on the environment.

Senator Davey and Senator Ciccone are encouraging their colleagues to acknowledge the over 6,000 local Landcare groups and 100,000 Landcare volunteers around the country who work tirelessly on conservation and sustainable land management projects in their local area.

Senator Davey said the work done by Landcare is an essential part of restoring and revitalising our local environment.

“Landcare not only supports our native flora and fauna, but also helps farmers and fishers across Australia adopt sustainable practices to deliver productive and environmental outcomes,” Senator Davey said.

“With over 60,000 active Landcarers in NSW involved within 3,000 community groups, Landcare brings a wide range of people together with a common cause.”

Senator Ciccone said “Landcare was established with the purpose of bringing environmentalists and landholders together to improve biodiversity, build resilience in Australia’s food and farming systems, and create stronger communities.”

“Thirty years on, Landcare successfully continues to meet these objectives and plays an important role in bringing stakeholders of all types together in a way for the betterment of our environment,” Senator Ciccone said.