Aug 1, 2023 | Media Releases, Media Releases 2023

The Federal Labor Government must hold their State colleagues accountable to ensure disaster assistance funding gets where it is needed as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Reports that the NSW Labor Government have not rolled out flood funding grants that were announced by the Federal Minister in February are incredibly frustrating according to Shadow Emergency Management Minister, Senator Perin Davey.

“It’s very clear that Minister Watt and his Government are good at announcements, but the delivery is lacking,” Senator Davey said.

“Since the grand announcement of a series of grants in March to medium-sized businesses, we’ve seen no progress.

“It is not good enough to blame the states, it is up to the Federal Government to insist federal funds hit the ground in a timely manner.

“This inaction is unacceptable and does a disservice to the people of New South Wales.”

According to the reports, at least 20 flood impacted Local Government Areas in NSW are affected and an untold number of businesses suffering.

“These delayed grants represent not just a failure of bureaucracy but also a betrayal of trust,” Senator Davey said.

“For the NSW Government to be non-committal about a timeline to delivery further fuels the uncertainty and frustration felt by those waiting for much-needed assistance.

“Being a Minister isn’t just about making announcements – you have to follow through.

“We are here to serve the people, and our actions should mirror our promises. Anything less is a breach of the trust bestowed upon us by the public.”

Senator Davey reflected that in opposition, Minister Watt frequently criticised the Coalition Government for slow response times, yet his actions in Government have fallen short of his words. 

“Slow payments are not limited to NSW with stories of delays in Burketown, Qld, Victoria, and Western Australia under Minister Watt’s stewardship have demonstrated a lack of attentiveness and efficiency.

“He raised expectations with his promises of better performance, now he needs to step up and deliver,” Senator Davey said.