Oct 6, 2022 | Media Releases, Media Releases 2022

The new Government is becoming experts at re-announcing funding approved under the former Liberal and Nationals Government, but with a two year old announcement, is stretching their credibility according to Shadow Water Minister, Perin Davey. 

Senator Davey congratulated the Government for recommitting $8 million to the Goyder Institute for a Coorong, Lower Lakes and Murray Mouth Research Hub1 which had already been announced in 20202

“Local MP, Rebekha Sharkie, must be ecstatic that she gets two goes at taking credit for the same bucket of funding,” Senator Davey said. 

“First announced in December 2020, it was also included in the 2021-22 Budget papers. 

“The Nationals in Government also committed $10 million for the Healthy Coorong, Healthy Basin on-ground works in 2021 so I’m expecting that it’ll only be a matter of time before it is re-announced. 

“Nearly everything the Minister has announced since the election was either committed by us in Government or an assessment had commenced under our watch. 

“The only new announcement Minister Plibersek has brought to the table is the threat to bring back buybacks, despite the social and economic impact this lazy water recovery method wreaks on communities,” Senator Davey said. 

Senator Davey pointed to an updated analysis by the Victorian Government highlighting that previous water recovery has put the viability of major irrigation districts, industries, and communities at risk. 

“Instead of re-announcing old programs, I would like the Minister to re-think her approach to the Basin Plan and commit to delivering environmental outcomes rather than numbers on a page,” she said.