Senators call on parliamentary colleagues to join with them in championing the work of Landcare

Aug 6, 2020 | Media Releases 2020

This Landcare Week, New South Wales Senator Perin Davey and Victorian Senator Raff Ciccone are calling on their parliamentary colleagues to join with them in championing the work of Landcare and the beneficial impact it has on the environment.

As prospective co-conveners, Senator Davey and Senator Ciccone are encouraging their colleagues to become members of the Parliamentary Friends of Landcare.

Landcare Week acknowledges the thousands of Landcare networks and groups around the country who work tirelessly on conservation and sustainable land management projects in their local area.

New South Wales Nationals Senator Perin Davey says the work done by Landcare is an essential part of restoring and protecting our local environment.

“Landcare not only supports our native flora and fauna, but also helps farmers and fishers across Australia adopt sustainable practices to deliver productive and environmental outcomes,” Senator Davey said.

“Around 58% of Australia’s land is privately owned or leased for agricultural production, therefore sustainable management and farm practices are key to the long-term viability of our primary industries and the continued health of our natural resources.”

Victorian Labor Senator Raff Ciccone said that Landcare makes a significant contribution to advancing the cause of conservation in Australia in both urban and regional settings.

“Since its establishment, Landcare has had an important role in bringing conservationists from all walks of life together for the common cause of caring for our natural environment,” Senator Ciccone said.

“As one of Australia’s largest and most successful volunteer movements, we all have much to celebrate this Landcare Week. I look forward to continuing to support Landcare into the future.”