South Coast farms eligible for bushfire support

Jun 9, 2020 | Media Releases 2020

Farm, aquaculture and forestry businesses along the south coast affected by this summer’s devastating bushfires will get help to rebuild through new emergency bushfire funding.

NSW Nationals Senator Perin Davey, who recently toured the region with NSW Member for Bega Andrew Constance, said the scale of the bushfires was overwhelming.

“As the fire season continues we are operating in a limbo between response and recovery, but it is very obvious the recovery is going to take a very long time,” she said.

 “That is why it is important that we start now by supporting our key primary production businesses to begin that rebuilding process.

“I met farmers who had not had a chance to think about what they had lost because they needed to focus on how to save what was left.  They need fencing, they need fodder, they need emergency power and they need it now.  These grants will help them get what they need.

“Importantly this funding is not restricted to land-based enterprises.  We have learned through past experience that fires like this impact on our valuable aquaculture like the south coast oyster farms.”

Senator Davey said the funding was available to primary producers, fishers, foresters and beekeepers as grants of up to $75,000 with funding administered in NSW by the Rural Assistance Authority.

“Again, this is the State and Federal Government working together to streamline delivery, to avoid duplication and to take action to get assistance out as quickly and efficiently as possible.

“At this stage, the Federal Government has $100 million for the Bushfire Response in Primary Industries Grants Program, but it is not a hard cap.  I have been assured that if we need more, we will provide more.”

“When I met Ange in Cobargo, doing an incredible job supporting the local farmers through sourcing fodder donations, all she asked was that the Government support impacted communities for as long as it takes and I want to ensure that her community and others in NSW get that support,” Senator Davey said.

For more information on the Emergency Bushfire Response in Primary Industries Grants call 1800 900 090.