More certainty needed for border residents

Sep 1, 2020 | Media Releases 2020

NSW Nationals Senator Perin Davey has welcomed today’s announcement from the NSW Government which will see the NSW-Victoria border zone extended to 50 kilometres, however more certainty is needed for workers outside that region.

Senator Davey said agriculture workers, boarding students and health care workers living outside the new zone are still unsure how they are going to travel to work or receive an education.

“I have been consistently highlighting the issues the border closures bring about since they were implemented three months ago,” Senator Davey said.

“The havoc and consistent changes to border rules have caused to business, schools and health services has been significant.

“It is extremely important we follow the advice of health officials and keep the virus out of the regions, but we can’t forget about the people who are suffering both financially and emotionally because they live in the wrong postcode.

“Families are being ripped apart and boarding students have become veritable prisoners due to the ongoing restrictions across all boarders.

“People are struggling to access medical treatment because of city-centric rules and regulations.

“Residents in cross-border communities have borne the brunt of the border closures, and until changes are made to help everyone affected, livelihoods and the education of our students will continue to suffer.

“After months of immense emotional pressure and unfair economic restrictions, Covid-19 free regional Australians need a plan.”  “I am pleased National Cabinet will look to develop a national border-closure strategy and decide on a plan for a national hotspot definition which will allow borders to reopen.”