May 11, 2023 | Media Releases, Media Releases 2023

Despite recent floods, fires and cyclones, the Budget includes no detail on new initiatives for Emergency Management.

The Labor Government’s “new initiative” such as the Public Safety Mobile Broadband project is merely funding a continuation of work commenced when The Nationals were in Government.

Shadow Minister for Emergency Management, Perin Davey said this and the newly announced National Messaging System came out of recommendations from the Royal Commission into Natural Disasters which took place under the former Government in 2020.

“I guess I am pleased they are progressing with delivery unlike other portfolio areas like infrastructure where regional funding has been cut,” Senator Davey said.

“But detail would be good. There is not even a budget line item for the National Messaging System with the Minister claiming it to be commercially sensitive, but Australian’s don’t even know what it is.”

“While we welcome continued support for other programs like the national emergency stockpile, there is little financial detail.

“There was much fanfare last October about funding for work to be undertaken with the insurance sector to enhance sharing data with the goal of reduced premiums but while the inaugural meeting was held in February of this year, we have heard and seen little since.

“People have been doing it tough over the last few years with flood, fires and cyclones; the least the government can do is detail what the measures designed to assist will mean and importantly, what they will cost.

“The biggest disaster in disaster management is this Budget and its lack of concern for communities on the ground who have been totally left in the dark about what is being funded and where that funding is going.”

ENDS: 11 May 2023