May 12, 2022 | Media Releases 2022


Mobile connectivity along the Silver City Highway will improve following successful applications for funding mobile and broadband upgrades under Round 2 of the Regional Connectivity Program.

Senator for NSW, Perin Davey said lack of mobile access along the highway had long been a concern for locals and travellers worried about safety along the long-isolated stretch of road.

“Out here in these areas, you can drive for hours without seeing another car or a house. If you have an accident, or your car breaks down, you can be waiting a very long time for help,” Senator Davey said.

“In remote areas like this, upgrading mobile connectivity supports economic activity in tourism and agricultural businesses but also, for road users, can literally mean the difference between life and death.

“That’s why this application, in particular, had the backing of the Australian Trucking Association, NSW Farmers and the CWA, because they understand isolated areas and the need to be able to reach emergency services.

The project will deploy three new Telstra macro mobile sites, providing new and improved handheld coverage along the Silver City Highway in the Anabranch and Wentworth areas with almost $3 million of funding.

Senator Davey said the improvement of connectivity on Silver City Highway will build upon past investments from the Mobile Blackspot Program and Round one of the Regional Connectivity Program.

“As technology adapts and new connection options become available, we need to make sure our regional and remote areas are not left behind.

“The Liberal and Nationals Government will continue to invest in regional communications as part of our plan for a strong economy and stronger a future,” Senator Davey said.